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I was always interested in fashion.

                  Having been a model and professional photographer for over 10 years, it was inevitable that I would end up here. I was deep into the wedding industry, had my own photography team taking care of wedding photos. When I noticed, my grooms didn't like the suit and tux options that were out there. I've heard all kinds of complaints of fit and finish, price and quality. So, like any good provider, I searched for an option I could strongly recommend to my clients. I came up empty handed, every place I went to was either too expensive or poor quality, and even some places had extremely poor service. It was at that point Giuseppe Sarto was truly born. I spent the next few years learning about the Suit industry, how one gets made, what quality is really like. Learning about fabrics and materials used, and most importantly searching for a manufacture who could provide high quality products at a price that was affordable to most. In June of 2017 it all came together, finally open for business. Those years of research and testing finally paying off. I started off servicing my current wedding clients, and as time went on I was finding myself more and more excited about suitting. My focus was shifting from weddings to more business clients, Office workers, Sales people, that sort of thing. In some cases I've even pushed a few people out of their comfort zone and dressed them in stylish patterns or adding a splash of colour. Funny how being more noticable leads to more sales, my clients thanked me for the minor transformation. 

I came to a point where I had to pick one, stick with photography or put all my time and resources into Giuseppe Sarto. Obviously you know which I chose, but why you may ask... Well, it's simple really, the feeling I get inspiring or instilling confidence into someone else is second to none. When they first put on the suit you notice small changes, their posture, their demeanor, their eyes lighting up as they catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror, their chin raises as they stand taller. You can literally see the confidence in them growing.

And to think, some cloth and thread could completely change someone, maybe there is some truth to the saying " The Suit Makes the Man". I had a part in that transformation, that simple suit may have just changed someone's life. With that new formed confidence they may get that new job, or a raise, or meet a wonderful life partner because they look good and more importantly feel good. 

And that's why I do this....

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love fashion, but helping people become their best selves is the biggest reward for me. That's one of the reasons why I plan on expanding this brand. From fashion to self care I will have you...

Dressed for the Occasion.

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